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Your Brand

Bring your dream supplement to the shelf


It starts with your idea.

It ends in your customers hands.

Everything in between is us.


We order a small batch of ingredients for research and development. Every product is unique, therefore we explore the workability of combining different ingredients. Creating a bespoke formulation, in a safely edible form.

Next is ordering larger quantities of the ingredients and manufacturing those into the product.

During this time, you may wish to have your products certified by a 3rd party. We work close with these companies and can add this process into your product. Be aware it is costly, time intensive and mostly un-needed as you are having a food supplement created.


During this time we will have discussed and selected packaging options. These include how your product is bottle or boxed.

If you already have your artwork ready, we can have these printed. If not, we work very closely with graphic designers who can work with you to get your idea onto the labels for your product.

Once you are happy with your prefect design, its off to the printers.


Time to bring it all together.

Your finished formulation processed with high quality ingredients, inside gorgeous packaging with your branding.


Time to unleash your new product to the world


Need help with that final step? We work with web designers and marketing teams that can help you bring your final product to your customer.

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