white label supplements uk

White Labelling

Want a ready made product?

Why Whitelabel?

Cost Effective

The price involved in formulating a new product can be too much, especially for upcoming businesses who are looking to launch their own affordable supplements range.

Having pre-formulated options means we can order tried and tested ingredients from regular sources. 

Fast Turnaround

Our catalogue of pre-formulated products are ready to be made. New products can be time intensive. But with White labelling, there’s no need time consuming research and development, as we have already completed this step.

We have a catalogue of pre-formulated supplements available for white label. 


If this option interests you, please contact us.



What is involved?

Download our whitelabel catalogue by contacting us.

Select a tried and tested supplement from the list.

Select the option for which packaging you want your product in, e.g plastic bottle, cardboard cylinder etc

We will order in the ingredients and have your product ready usually within 2-4 weeks of payment.

The finished product is then shipped to you with formulation specifications to add to your labels.

Once your hit product is out there selling, we will continue to create it. We hope to build a lasting and fruitful business relationship.