White Powder


Raw ingredients & Packaging

Highest quality ingredients, every time.


We work close with our global and local supply chain to secure the best prices and quickest dispatches. Ensuring year round access to ingredients.

We are always looking for ways to reduce both costs and our carbon footprint. We can cater to requests for plastic bottles, but we always recommend the more eco-friendly options, such as bio-degradable cardboard tubing and recyclable plastic bottles.

If you are a supplier and believe you can offer us something beneficial at a great price, then please get in touch.

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Please be aware that we only work with the most trusted suppliers of the highest quality, tested ingredients.


We are currently building a portfolio of trusted, regular suppliers and as such we are particularly interested in the following:

Whey protein isolate
Clear whey isolate
Non-dairy protein - Hemp/Pea
Mushrooms & associated extracts
Flavouring houses