We are contract manufacturers of food supplements.

This means is that we are available to hire for manufacture runs of your product.

We can manage the full process for you. From sourcing ingredients and materials, formulating and mixing, bottling, labelling and more. 

Please be aware, that due to the fact that you are hiring a full factory with dedicated staff and very specialist equipment, the cost of this service is priced accordingly.

Prices are based on minimum orders.

Below we have a break down of the costs involved. These prices do not include the cost for ingredients, as each formulation is unique to the client.

We do have a minimum order value of £750. We also offer white label options which can be more cost effective.


Formulations are subject to NDA's and 3rd party testing, for sample verification and market safety.

Price discounts for volume of work are associated.

For pre-formulated white-label options, enquire for our white label catalogue.

​​Minimum charges apply:

These prices are to help give you an example of where our quotes will be starting from.

Capsules:  20,000 (equivalent to 333 bottles of 60 capsules)

Bottled powder (upto 1000ml): 300 units

​Liquid Filling: 250 units

New formulations

R&D: £100/hr exclusive of materials

Formulation: £300 per product (including food law checks & 4 ingredients, each extra ingredient charged at £50)

Cleaning: £50/hr

For particularly messy ingredients (turmeric, shilijat, certain soluble powders etc) we charge double cleaning fee which is set at an hourly rate plus materials.