What are the costs?

Costs to manufacture your perfect product can vary depending on the ingredients involved and the size of the order. We do have a minimum order value of £750. We also offer white label options which can be more cost effective.

What are your lead times

Our lead times vary between 4-6 weeks from receiving payment. We do advise that during particularly busy times, this may be extended, but you will be advised on time frames at the point of payment.

Do you offer Non-disclosure Agreements?

It's your brand, your idea. We always work on strict confidentiality, providing our own NDA. We also accept customer provided NDA's subject to review.

Can I visit your premises before ordering?

Customer visits are accepted via booking. We never accept un-announced visits. This is to protect our customers intellectual property, as lab days are planned and booked ahead for manufacturing different customer brands.


Do you offer white label services?

​"If it's not broken, don't fix it". Thats why we offer tried and tested white label supplements. This mean we have already pre-formulated products. Download our white label list HERE LINK

Once you find your perfect supplement, we order the ingredients and process it into the packaging of your choice. Then your label goes onto the product and now you have your very own supplement to sell to your customers.

This also has a very quick turnaround compared to bespoke formulations that involve research and development prior to manufacturing


Why use a UK based manufacturer?

The global pandemic hit international shipping hard, costing British businesses billions in losses . We know of several supplement retailers who were out of stock for months, until they came to us. As a UK based company, we can assure a safe logistical link between your product being manufactured and your company base.  We have longstanding relationships with our Local, National, and International suppliers, ensuring sources to the best ingredients all year round. International companies also benefit from the regulations, practices and high standards that British companies operate within.


What services do you offer?

White label options

Bespoke formulations


Power Blending

Liquid mixtures

Bottling and Labelling

Here you can find our frequently asked questions.

This should be a guide to help before sending over an enquiry.


Let's Work Together

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